We enjoyed our visit & were very impressed with the Roman orgy suite - we will be back! J & B

We were impressed. Moulin Rouge was really nice. We enjoyed everything, specially the spa with the candles. Will definetly be back to check other rooms. N & M

I think it is a wonderful idea. Sex is a wonderful and import aspect of our health and wellbeing.ouples today, I feel, should be encouraged and supported to have healthy sex lives to keep their marriage alive and for individuals to fulfil their needs. I do not think it is about being permissive or promiscuous but about being open minded and safe.

I know that there are dating websites that are used for having sex under the guise of looking for love. Lets face it sometimes we just want to have sex. This isn't morally reprehensible its just the way we are. I think young couples with small kids might enjoy a bit of hanky panky in the afternoon if they can get a sitter and what's wrong with that. There are young couples who live in a extended family situation whilst saving for their first home who would welcome some privacy.

I am sure that some people would be concerned that it may encourage extramarital affairs. These sorts of things happen anyway... in fact perhaps if we were more open minded and willling to be sexually playful then we may have better and longer lasting relationships.

There will always be sexually questionable members of our society I don’t think that opening a sex motel will encourage or deter this.. that's just life as we know it.

I wish the owners of the Desire the best of luck in their venture and commend them on their tenacity to try and do something new in New Zealand.


I heard you speaking on The Rock this morning and think it is a fantastic idea to start something like this up!! I was wondering if you have (or are planning to have) a web site so you can view the different rooms available online?
Regards, E

Good Morning, Have just heard The Rock talking with you and plugging your motel on the radio and saying if we emailed we can win a night at your motel - we think it is a fantastic idea being we have two young kids and you never have any privacy!!

Can we please get put in the draw - it is our wedding anniversary at te end of the month and this would be a great night out!!

Cheers S & D


Just like to say I like the idea of the motel. It provides a solution for people in different stages of their life. Take for instance a couple who just had their first baby and after a lot of sleepless nights finally go out on a romantic date again. When they get home the romance would vanish as the baby would take all their attention. Instead they leave the babysitter at home a bit longer while they finish their evening at your hotel.... Or young people who still live at home and can't have much intimacy because one of their family members is always at home.....

Anyhow good luck with the project, I'd like to check it out when it's ready so hopefully I'll be a draw winner.


I believe from the 'negative' press that your business proposal has been getting over recent weeks that many people are just so narrow minded and unable to see the needs of society.

There are so many couples out there that just need a place that is secure and private to be able to meet and enjoy the sensual bonding that is part of human nature.

Your motel offers people that security and privacy, it keeps them away from alternative 'venues' such as in public areas or in a private home that may risk upsetting domestic relationships.

Such a situation is that of mine, where I have a teenage son, and whilst I am separated from my ex-wife, it upsets my son if I have female company. I believe that his attitude in time will change, however at this stage I am looking for an alternative place to meet with a lady friend with whom I have become close, with both of us having openly admitted to the other that we wish to become sexually involved as soon as possible. She lives out of Auckland and will be visiting for a few days during the next couple of weeks. Whilst she will be staying with her sister, her sister has a young family and we both believe that it would be inappropriate to have our sexual interaction there.

Your motel would be absolutely perfect for our needs.

Congratulations on your business, I really hope that the 'public attitude' changes and that they accept what is a very essential part of society.

I wish you the best of luck and am sure that your business will be a success.

Kind regards P